England 'Til I Die!

Last updated : 07 June 2010 By Wba-mad Editor

It’s not just for the Albion where fans go that extra mile to follow their favourite team.  From the same publisher of Albion ‘Til I Die, the outstanding efforts and anecdotal tales of fans from across the country who follow the Three Lions is all included here in this World Cup’s must have read: England ‘Til I Die.

England ‘Til I Die is a collection of short stories about supporting our national team, written by your average fan on the terrace.  The book captures the funny, the absurd, the emotional, the peculiar, the shocking or unbelievable that is part and parcel of being a die-hard England fan home and abroad.

Tales of unwavering dedication and loyalty, of personal sacrifice and emotional trauma are entwined with stories highlighting superb camaraderie, intense excitement and proud patriotism. Wives and jobs have been lost, bank balances left in ruins and countless ‘sickies’ thrown – just to be there, to cheer on England!

England ‘Til I Die is published by Legends Publishing and is available online from www.tilidie.co.uk, from Amazon.co.uk, Waterstones and WH Smiths Travel (airports and railways).  Discount for direct sales through tilidie.co.uk are available. 

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