The Wonderful World of Football: The Premier League

Last updated : 09 November 2010 By Wba-mad Editor

Back in October, Chelsea were cruising towards their second successive Premier League title, megabucks City were set to oust rivals United as the top dogs of Manchester, Roy Hodgson had lost the Liverpool dressing room and Wayne Rooney was making headlines for everything and anything besides playing football.

Similarly, Gareth Bale was an exciting young footballer with great potential, Blackpool were enjoying their 15 minutes of fame in the top flight, Fernando Torres was no longer a world-class centre forward and most bookies had stopped taking bets on Chris Hughton being the next Premier League boss to lose his job.

Merely one month later, Liverpool have proved Chelsea aren’t completely infallible, thus reopening the title race and rejuvenating both Hodgson and Torres in the process, City’s form has stuttered while United have retained the services of Rooney, ensuring any switch in power looks less of an inevitably, for now anyway. Furthermore, Blackpool have defied the odds to continue their good form, Gareth Bale is the hottest property in European football after dismantling Inter Milan twice, and Chris Hughton is about to open contract negotiations after leading his Newcastle side to fifth in the table following three successive league wins. How things change.

Of course, these stories are all full of melodrama and hyperbole, but quite simply, that's what makes the Premier League so special. It may not compare to the technical prowess of La Liga, nor the tactical sophistication of Serie A, but in terms of drama, intensity and unpredictability, no other league comes close.

In this country we're always quick to address the flaws of our top division. Perhaps it's time we acknowledge our strengths too.