Listen Up!

Last updated : 12 April 2010 By Wba-mad Editor

Since The Liquidator was snatched away
We’ve had nothing really stirring on matchdays
Nothing passionate and recognisable as our song
Nothing with which we can sing along
A track I’ve found would be perfect I know
But John Simpson at the club just said no
The words are ideal with a rousing sound
It could last us for years and be unique to our ground
Listen up all you baggies to this track today
And if you agree with me then have your say
Ask as it is your supporters right
For your team to come out to a band called Friehiet
I’m only saying so as my feeling is strong
And I know this would help us all to belong
We can move our way up and not only survive
But succeed when we are keeping the dream alive
The Boing Boing Poet