Tony 'Bomber' Brown

Last updated : 27 January 2009 By Wba-mad Editor

Bobby Moore stands foot on ball at the head of Wembley way,
And Sir Matt surveys Old Trafford on a wet Manchester day,
A statue too for Shankly who's been honoured by the Reds,
The greatest men remembered as football thoroughbreds.

There's a sculpture too of Matthews, a legend up at Stoke,
A player who was knighted, just an ordinary bloke,
Even Wolverhampton's got one; the great "Sir" Billy Wright,
He played for England many times, (and a club that's really sh**e).

Have Albion got a player to match these football greats?
To deserve a Hawthorns' statue standing by the Astle Gates,
Did we ever have a player, who for twenty years or more,
Broke all appearance records, and never failed to score,
Who Baggies fans are proud to say "he played for us you know;
And I saw him play in blue and white all those years ago"

Yes we have an Albion player who surpassed the very best,
Topped the scoring charts one season beating Charlton, Law and Best,
And all this from midfield, not a striker out and out,
The greatest Albion goal scorer of that there is no doubt.

Who never left this club of ours when relegation came,
And continued his explosive goals as ever just the same,
Rarely missed a penalty, his blasts would burst the net,
The ball he hit at Hillsborough ain't stopped rolling yet!

We have an Albion player, who won the FA cup,
And scored the all important goal to take the Albion up,
Then made his name all over again in Big Ron's brilliant team,
Netting his reputation as our greatest goal machine.

Scored two against Valencia in a European match,
With a 70s perm and flailing tongue beneath his thick moustache,
The defining image of an Albion great, at the height of his success,
Let's mount that image for all to see on a plinth of bronze no less.

His stats say 574 games and 218 goals scored,
Those stats deserve an honour, a lifelong club award,
For even now he's scoring goals at every Albion game,
From the commentary (not the penalty) box, perhaps it's not the same,

But it shows his love and support for the club after over forty years,
He's lived and breathed the Albion, the good times and the tears,
What a journey it's been since 62 - his debut at Ipswich Town,
Now it's time we honoured our greatest player - Tony Bomber Brown.

© Paul Hayward