Baggies get new fitness coach

Albion have appointed the in-demand Nick Davies as the first team fitness coach. 

Davies replaces Matt Green who has taken up a new role with the Premier League. 

His first task will be to jet off to Portugal for the Baggies pre-season fitness camp. 

“The Club, from afar, is always one I have admired," he said. "To be part of it now, with the manager who I think can be really successful in the role, is quite exciting. 

“I didn’t know Darren before taking the job, but I know we’ve got lots of mutual friends in the game who have obviously been colleagues of both myself and him.

“Everybody speaks so glowingly of him, which is one of the reasons why I was so keen to meet up and see what his vision was - and I was really impressed.

“I had a really good feel about it having spoken to him. I had a few other offers but this felt right.”

Davies has previously Charlton Athletic, Birmingham City and Norwich City His most recent position was with West Ham United in the Premier League.