Gamble pays off for Jay

Jay Rodriguez says Albion stook to their gameplan in the Baggies' 1-0 win at Old Trafford against Manchester United. 

In only the club's fourth victory of the season, Rodriguez headed home from close range after Craig Dawson's knock down. 

Rodriguez hailed the hard work and commitment of his team mates as the Baggies starved off relegation for another week. 

“Towards the end I think you could see the work that we had put in, but the lads stuck in, gave it everything we had and we got the win,” he said.

“We had a game plan to keep tight because we know how good they are and their players.

“But we knew we had to come here and impose ourselves. I thought we did the counter attacks really well, broke things up and created some chances.

“I don’t mind where they come from, I’m really not bothered, as long as they go in and help the team that’s the main thing.

“When you have Dawson in your team, he’s an unbelievable header of the ball because he works on it and he’s really determined,” added Jay.

“You have to gamble every time. I think I missed a chance in the first half as I didn’t gamble, but luckily the second time I did.”